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Online Personal Loan Lenders Serving North Carolina

If you are seeking a personal loan in North Carolina, the choices available can be simply staggering. Where do you begin and how can you tell who offers the best personal loan options? These days the major search engines are flooded with loan spam and fraudulent websites, as well as predatory payday lenders when searching for personal loans. It has become so bad many people think for small personal loans that Payday lenders are their only option. The good news is that there is indeed many reputable personal loan providers doing business in North Carolina. We have made a list of some of the best personal loan providers in North Carolina, listing various pro’s and con’s of each lender. With our list you can find the right personal loan that suits your personal needs and finances. Here is our list of the top personal loan providers in North Carolina:

Time Financing
Time Financing offers eastern and central North Carolina residents personal loans from $1,000 – $10,000. Their application process is fast and easy, with approval often happening in less than an hour. If approved your funds can be available on the same day, depending on what time of the day you apply, making this loan provider excellent if you need funds in an emergency. You can repay your loan in person at a local office or online. They often approve loans for people with bad credit who have been turned away from banks and other lenders, so they are worth a look if you have poor credit. They do require that you live within 25 miles of one of their physical locations however.

Installment Loans Hub

Installment Loans Hub is an option for those in North Carolina, but their APR starts off steep at 19.99 percent and as high as 36.00%, so you could definitely find better loan terms elsewhere. You can borrow upwards of $35,000 and as little as $1000. On the plus side you can check what your rate will be with them without harming your credit score, they will prescreen you with a soft inquiry. Only hard inquiries damage your credit score, so it may be worth checking what rate they offer. Another plus with this lender is that they do not impose any hidden fees or prepayment penalties if you pay off your loan early. There also is no set up fee involved.

Century Finance
Century Finance offers personal loans to residents of North Carolina. They have an easy online application, as well as 6 locations statewide where you can apply in person. If you apply online you need to contact the branch you applied to an hour after you have applied for the loan. They offer loan amounts of as little as $600 and upwards of $15,000 to qualified borrowers. They accept online payments, cash and check by phone for the repayment of the loan. Your APR will depend on your credit history and is to broad of a scope to cover here.

Vouch is an excellent option for residents of North Carolina who have friends and/or family willing to so-sign or “vouch” for them. Vouching is for all intents and purposes the same as co-signing on a loan. The difference is, with vouch each person you get that is a valid vouch, you receive more favorable APR and become eligible to loan larger amounts of money. You can request a loan offer without harming your credit score to, so it is well worth looking into. Your APR will range between 5% and 30% depending on your FICO score, credit history and the amount of vouches you can secure from family and friends. This lending platform aims to change the way lending works. You can apply online, the process is fast and easy, save for the need to secure at least one vouch.